What is the purpose of the WTI-BOX-PRO control box?

The WTI-BOX-PRO control box allows to power and control the LEDs of a WTI-LED beam thanks to its 2 buttons which allow to trigger the programs set in its processor.

It also incorporates a Lithium-Ion battery, which complies with UN 38.3 standard, with an autonomy of up to 16 hours and a complete recharge in 4 hours. Equipped with an intelligent recharging management system, it can be left plugged in without risk and without damaging the battery.

weartronic control box

A single micro USB female connector allows the WTI-BOX-PRO to connect to the beam and manage the battery recharge. It can manage up to 2 LED loops and/or 30 LEDs.

How the WTI-BOX-PRO works

The basic programme

Although its program is fully configurable, we offer a basic program suitable for integration of LEDs on a garment at the front and back. This program allows the following functionalities:

Top view of the WTI-BOX-PRO with button numbering to explain its operation

Button 1 :

Switching to torch mode is possible in steps 2 and 3 by pressing button 1 for 2s.

Button 2 (rear control only) :

For safety reasons, the rear LEDs can only be switched off with button 2.

Configuration options

The actions of buttons 1 and 2 are completely configurable according to your needs. We can set the microprocessor with the following options:

Is using a WTI-BOX-PRO box risky?

No, there is absolutely no risk to people or equipment because the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) of this enclosure is certified by EMITECH.

For people, this means that in the event of a malfunction or electric shock, the box does not add any additional danger to the wearer or to people in the vicinity. There is also no risk of disturbing medical equipment such as a pacemaker.

As far as equipment is concerned, we are certain that the WTI-BOX-PRO enclosures will not interfere with the equipment in their environment. For example, a non-certified box could interfere with a machine that operates with a guidance system, such as a slipform paver.

EMITECH also certifies that the enclosure has Electrostatic Discharge Immunity (EN 61000-4-2). This means that if the enclosure is subjected to an ESD, it will not be damaged.
Electrostatic discharges are part of our daily lives. They occur, for example, when we put on or take off clothes, when we sit on a plastic chair or when we get out of our car.

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