WPRO1 - Active LED High Visibility Vest

The WPRO1 Active High Visibility Vest allows you to see, and above all to be seen, whatever the working conditions: at night, in adverse weather conditions (rain, snow or fog) or in poorly lit environments.

6 rear LEDs to be seen

The 6 orange LEDs, placed at the back of the shoulder blades, allow you to be seen up to 600 m away. They can be lit in fixed or flashing mode.

4 front LEDs to see and be seen

The 4 white LEDs, placed on the front of the waistcoat, also make it possible to be seen and also to see. Positioned at the level of the abdomen, they do not dazzle the wearer of the waistcoat.

The torch mode, which increases the power of the LEDs, allows you to work hands-free.

1 WTI-BOX-PRO control box

The WTI-BOX-PRO housing, which incorporates a battery, allows the front and rear LEDs to be independently controlled and dimmed. The LEDs can also flash for better visibility.

The control box fits neatly into its inner pocket.

weartronic control box

0 use constraints

Thanks to the standard cabling and the low weight, the waistcoat remains flexible and comfortable to wear. The Weartronic technology does not affect comfort and allows you to work as freely as with a conventional garment.

With a battery life of up to 16 hours in flashing mode (10 hours in fixed mode), the integrated battery allows a full day's work without having to change the case. The battery can be fully recharged in 4 hours and can remain connected to the mains without risk of damage thanks to its intelligent recharging system.

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