Simplifying the integration of LEDs into your garments

Are you looking for a simple solution to integrate electronics into your clothing?

Weartronic can help you in this process thanks to its expertise and technology from the aeronautics industry.

Make the switch to Smart Textiles now!

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Wearable Embedded Electronic Technologies

Why integrate LEDs into clothing?

Whether it is a construction worker working in the dark or a cyclist riding at night, so-called high visibility equipment is not enough to ensure their safety. If there is no light reflecting off their equipment, they remain invisible.

An Active High Visibility garment that incorporates LEDs is visible up to 1000m without being dependent on external elements such as weather, lighting or visual pollution.

Depending on the integration, the LEDs can also be used to illuminate the environment with a torch function. The wearer of the garment can then work hands-free in the dark.

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LED waistcoat with torch function
Detail of a weartronic LED button


Weartronic technology allows electronics, in particular LEDs, to be integrated into all types of clothing without compromising comfort or durability.

This is made possible by our solderless wiring technology, derived from the aerospace industry, which allows the LEDs to be connected in series and therefore reduces the amount of wiring without compromising durability.

The absence of welding also allows us to guarantee the resistance of our system to more than 40 machine washes and to work in an aggressive environment in complete safety.

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Weartronic LED light on

About us

Founded in 2015 by David Zieder, a mechanical engineer by training, Weartronic's mission is to become a player in smart textiles by designing the best Embedded Wearable Electronic Technologies.

With over 25 years of experience in aerospace and military engineering, David designs Weartronic's technologies to be tough, durable and recyclable.

With this in mind, our products are designed and manufactured in France in the Haute-Savoie department.

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