Composition of a WTI-LED beam

A WTI-LED cluster consists of several LED buttons, cables and a USB connector. The assembly of the LED buttons, linked together by cables, constitutes an LED loop. Several LED loops can be connected to the USB connector.

The manufacture of this unique solution is made possible by Weartronic's patented technologies (international patent registration).

LED loop assembly

First, an LED is assembled with connectors that allow it to be linked to the other LEDs that make up the loop. The connection is made without soldering, using cables.

The LED + connectors + cables are then crimped into a plastic housing and encapsulated in resin to form an LED button.

An LED loop is therefore composed of several LED buttons connected by cables.

Detail of a weartronic LED button

LED beam assembly

Once the individual LED loops that make up the cluster are assembled, they are then linked together via a USB connector.

This USB connector is the link to the WTI-BOX control box.

3D diagram of a WTI-LED Weartronic beam

This solderless assembly technique, derived from aeronautics, guarantees the durability of the wiring in series as well as excellent resistance to impact and wear. The WTI-LED system is also waterproof: it can withstand more than 50 machine washes and can be used in aggressive environments in complete safety.

Configuration of a WTI-LED beam

In its basic configuration, one beam allows visibility up to 1000m even in total darkness. Its torch mode allows the user to see better and work hands-free.

Of course, the WTI-LED beams are fully configurable to meet the needs of the end-users and to facilitate their integration into the garment. The length of the beams, their quantity as well as the number of LEDs can be modified in order to adapt the position of the LEDs on the textile. Depending on the use, you can also choose the colour of the LEDs and their power.

Example of a 3D diagram of a WTI-LED Weartronic beam configuration

The possibilities of configuring a WTI-LED beam are infinite, do not hesitate to consult us so that we can configure together the beam that will best meet your needs.

Why integrate LEDs into your clothing?

To be seen

Whether from other road users or colleagues, integrating LEDs into a garment allows you to be seen up to 1000m away, without being dependent on the outside elements and whatever the weather conditions.

For better visibility, the LEDs can be made to flash using the control box.

To see

Ideally placed on the garment, the LEDs also allow the wearer to see the environment better and work hands-free without having to use a flashlight, headlamp or external light source. As it is 100% configurable, a WTI-LED beam can be designed to be placed in the best possible location on the garment making its lighting more effective.

The microprocessor in the control unit allows several light levels to be set in order to exploit the LEDs' full potential.

What are the consequences for the garment?

Integrating a WTI-LED beam into a garment does not imply making concessions in terms of its use. Indeed, the beam does not impact comfort and allows to work as freely as with a classic garment thanks to its serial wiring and its light weight.

In addition, the seamless design of the harness allows the garment to be machine washed without any constraints (just remember to disconnect the housing 😉 ). An industrial washing option is also available.

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